Meetings and reviews are mandatory in any business. One of the pleasantest way is to mix Business with pleasure. Optimize business development, be it an informal conversation with partners, meetings with prospective investors, B2B dealers incentives, information exchange, introduction to new technologies. Launch new products or present awards in a glittering ambience.


Care for your employees by showing them the outside world. Incentive tours bridges gaps and create the required harmony among employees. Blend the tour with meetings / workshops and effective team building activities. Compliment the event with our new health and mind cleansing programs without any additional cost.

We make every event (small or large) a heart capturing one for each individual. Creating new ideas are a continuous process there by offering number of options to avoid any repetitions.

Give us an opportunity to serve you with our extensive years of experience & expertise.

  • Unbelievable competitive prices
  • Coordination with multiple offices /locations/ networks across the world
  • Selection of enviable destination
  • Selection of appropriate Hotel with unique blend of timeless elegance, modern luxury and delectable dining.
  • Airline exclusive benefits & branding
  • Charter flights
  • Assistance on all travel formalities
  • VIP receptions at all points with traditional welcome.
  • Media announcements
  • Meeting facilities
  • Institutions, Company visits
  • Local tours
  • On-site and logistics management
  • Team building activities
  • Gala dinners, Theme nights with branding
  • Individual diet preferences
  • Pillow gifts and Souvenirs
  • Branding on Transportation & Venue
  • Branding on specific items
  • Pre & Post tours / stays
  • Emergency, Medical transportation
  • Contingency plan

Incentive With a Difference


Exciting Team Challenges: like treasure hunts, Monopoly challenges, Sea Kayak Race, Sack race,


Tug Of War: Traditional rope game, Mega relay races (combination of three-legged races, sprints, wheel barrow and sack races) Strategy games.


First Class Sport Attendance: F1, Wimbledon and Ascot


A well established and progressive travel management company operating in the UAE – with equal strengths in outbound and inbound travel.

We also believe that in this buoyant travel environment, the focus is on the customer.




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